10 Holiday Gift DIYs

As the colder, darker days set in, what better time to sit in the warm indoors, light a candle, put on some good music and get creative.

The holidays are a time to show the people that we love and care about how much they mean to us and what better way to do then a homemade gift.

I have complied a list of my top ten DIYs for to try out for gift-giving this holiday Season.

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1. Gift Tags

2. Gift Wrapping Ideas

3. Create your own Gift Basket

4. Cinnamon Scented Candles

5. Oil Diffuser

6. Beeswax Candles

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites

8. Caramels

9. Postcard Calendar

10. Terrarium

Are you planning on making any gifts this year? Do you find your self making one type of gift or several different types of gifts, each suitable to the different people in your lives?


Hanging Wall Pockets

Image from blog.justinablakeney.com

Image from blog.justinablakeney.com

I spotted this diy on the newly discovered blog of designer Justina Blakeney, whose bohemian, eclectic style makes me want to paint my bare white walls varying shades of bright colours and turn my living room into a jungle of plants.

I knew these wall pockets would be perfect for the entry hall of my apartment, which is narrow and lacks and any storage space. I am constantly wanting a place to store those small things that take up unnecessary counter space: my mail, sunglasses, keys, etc.

photo 1

The Basics:

Round cork mats (mine are trivets from Ikea)
Leather scrap pieces large enough to use for pocket (found on sale at Dressew)
Small upholstery tacks in varying shapes and sizes (also found at Dressew)
1/2″ wide Leather strips (Dressew again!)
Hot glue and a hot glue gun


1. Cut the leather pieces smaller than the cork mat you will use. I traced my leather scrap around a plate to get the rough shape of a circle.
2. Cut the ‘top’ of the circle to create a ‘pocket’ shape.

photo 4

3. Line the perimeter of the leather piece with the hot glue gun and carefully glue it the cork mat on all sides but the top. I would suggest laying the leather scrap on the cork mat and lifting up a small section of leather at a time; otherwise the glue dries too quickly to stick fully to the cork.
4. Once dry (i left mine overnight, but if you are impatient wait at least 2 hours), hold corner tack down with one thumb and carefully stretch the leather to give it some room for the ‘stuff.’
5. Glue the leather strip to the perimeter of the cork, making sure the ends of the leather strips are glues together neatly at the bottom of the cork board.
6. Tie a knot in the top of the leather strip to create a loop to hang the cork mat from.

7. Hang the finished product off a nail in a wall (like I did) or off a shelf, corner, hook, whatever!

I have thrown my mail and wallet inside, hung sunglasses from the pocket and hung keys off the bottom of the corkboard from a thumb tac.

What are you/would you use a hanging wall pocket for?