Oh How I Love Oh She Glows

Image courtesy of Oh She Glows

Image courtesy of Oh She Glows

This past spring, I was introduced to Oh She Glows by one of my favourite local foodies, Erin Ireland’s, Instagram account. I kept scrolling through these mouth-watering vegan recipes (Did I mention that I am not even a vegan?) tagged with #osgcookbook. I asked myself, ‘what on earth does “osg” stand for?’ With some quick hashtagging research, I came across Oh She Glows, a blog and, most recently, a cookbook by the same name. Oh She Glows is a vegan recipe blog that encourages readers to embrace a plant-based diet that can satisfy their hunger and nutritional needs. Angela of Oh She Glows recognizes that being a vegan is not for everyone, but hopes to inspire meat-eaters, picky eaters and those with special dietary concerns.

Immediately I began to follow her Instagram account, which depicts photographs of the recipes she posts on her blog. There was not a post that went by that I was not tagging my vegan/vegetarian and foodie friends in, even going one step further and emailing them links to blog posts to accompany this stunning imagery. Before I knew it, I was trying out my first Oh She Glows recipe: Thai Peanut Noodle Bowl.  I stumbled upon this recipe through another vegan food blog, as this was a recipe from Angela’s cookbook and not her blog. All I can say is: WOW! It was delicious! The rich creaminess of the peanut dressing, the tanginess of the fresh squeezed lime, and the cold crunchy vegetables blended together in harmony! I made it 3 weeks in a row and brought it to two potluck dinners. It was a hit. Everyone, including my meat-loving friends, could not get enough of this dish. It was no surprise when a few weeks later I received the cookbook from my cousin for my birthday. However, this present came with a few conditions: to cook the recipes and invite my cousin over for dinner. With that, the recipe testing began. Not only did the food from the cookbook photograph beautifully, it all tasted just as good as it looked. I have not made one recipe that I have disliked. Did I mention that I have never tasted vegan food that was so filling and satisfying?

Oh She Glow’s Instagram account led me to become a bi-weekly visitor of the blog and purchase the cookbook. Through trying the recipes I have cooked and being tagged in several Instagram posts, several of my friends and family are now frequent visitors of the blog, own the cookbook and find that gift of Oh She Glows is a good one.